Online certificate programs are the ideal option for students and working adults seeking to improve some specialized skills in as little as 6 weeks. OUU allows them to only take online certification that fulfills their professional needs and helps them advance their academic credentials.

Earning Graduate Certificates

An online certificate course or online certification is designed for those who already hold a college degree or high school diploma and wish to further expand or update their knowledge and skills in a certain area through online certification. The duration of these certificate programs or online certifications generally ranges between 4 to 6 weeks which is not too long. This makes it convenient for anyone wishing for instant career growth to enhance their knowledge and skills both through online certifications or online certificate course. There are cases where people have earned a degree in some area of study a few years back but never pursued a career in that field. Online certifications or online certificates can help them progress in a career that is not related to their degree.

Benefits of Online Certificate Programs

Certificate programs are known as the shortcut to success. With a few relevant certificate programs on your resume, you can easily find a decent job. Furthermore, if you choose to go for a certificate programs while you are on the job, it is likely to help you in moving ahead in the same field of work and is expected to get you a promotion. Online certificates or Certificate courses have further been made easier and convenient by the introduction of online learning platforms. During the past decade, a number of accredited online universities and colleges have started their certificate programs for students and working adults both.

There are people who go for a second bachelor’s degree when they are planning to switch fields but, in our opinion, it is a bad idea unless it is absolutely necessary. Instead of going for a 4-year-long program again, they can acquire the skills required for the new job by just a couple of short certificate courses. These certificate programs can be easily completed in a time span of 4 to 6 weeks and saves the person a lot of hassle and formalities required for registering into a degree program.

Earn Your Graduate Certificate and Undergraduate Certificate from OUU

Here at Online UAE Universities career portal, we help people find the best certificate programs for their career. We have a large number of online universities as members which makes it possible for us to offer a variety of online certificate programs to our applicants. The certificate programs we recommend to the students registering at our educational portal are from some of the top online universities and they are recognized all over the world. These programs are specially focused on the UAE students and help them improve their career prospects by helping them get online certifications in certain specified fields. With these online certificate programs the UEA students can get an opportunity to work at the world’s top multinational companies.

All they have to do is to register on our website and a student counselor from OUU will call them and discuss their concerns with them. Then they will recommend a suitable online certificate course to the student and also help him/her get admission to one of the best online universities.


Graduate Course Certificate

Online UAE Universities (OUU) provides a unique platform for students and working adults residing in UAE, helping them find the finest online universities serving the Middle Eastern region. These schools are internationally accredited and recognized all over the world for their range of affordable graduate certificate courses. We Offer a Wide Selection of Graduate Certificate


Graduate Certificate

Online UAE Universities (OUU) is a leading online academic and career portal, helping thousands of students and working adults all across UAE to get admission in top online universities serving the Middle Eastern region. Our selected schools offer a credible range of graduate certificate courses, known for providing affordability, flexibility and quality of education. Offering


Undergraduate Course Certificate

Online UAE Universities (OUU) is a leading academic and career portal that has been helping thousands of students and working adults all across UAE to get admission in top online universities serving the Middle Eastern region. Offering a Range of Undergraduate Certificate Courses At OUU, we offer undergraduate course certificates in a diverse range of


Undergraduate Certificate

Online UAE Universities (OUU) is a leading online portal that provides working adults in UAE with a variety of learning opportunities to enhance their academic and professional profiles. Our portal provides a spectrum of affordable certificate programs at both graduate and undergraduate level to working adults residing in UAE. Search Top Online Universities