Safety and Fire Sciences School – Build a Safer World (السلامة ومدرسة العلوم النار – بناء عالم أكثر أمنا)

The presence of dangerous chemicals rolling through our communities on trains and trucks coupled with the hazardous materials often found on site at industrial plants in proximity to where we live and play has made the role of the modern-day firefighter increasingly complex. Combine this with unstable infrastructure causing inaccessibility to certain regions in danger, and you’ve got an increasingly complicated situation on hand. Such are the challenges faced by firefighters on a regular basis. Efforts are underway to figure out new and innovative ways of encouraging safety at the workplace and at home so as to prevent crises from occurring and counter dangerous threats when they arise.

OUU’s School of Occupational Safety & Fire Sciences

Multiple fires have taken in the past year alone causing an increasing number of organizations and companies to introduce safety precautions such as fire drills as a way of educating their employees on fire safety. Many companies are looking to acquire information that will help preempt any form of danger related to fire.

OUU’s School of Occupational Safety & Fire Sciences is developed to address the specific needs of those seeking to enter and those seeking to advance through the ranks within the fire science field. OUU’s fire science program is designed to provide students with the technical knowledge and skills to assume positions of responsibility within fire departments and industry.

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