Political Science and Public Administration School (العلوم السياسية وكلية الإدارة العامة)

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The educational institutions offered by OUU provide working adults and students the opportunity to complete their education and give them a chance to boost their career. We have selected some of the finest and diverse range of political science and public administration programs on a strict criteria that includes but is not limited to, affordability, curriculum quality, efficient online learning management system, faculty expertise and employability rate. This is why when you apply through OUU in any online school, you can be sure of earning an accredited and internationally accepted degree.

Political science and public administration is a great option for those interested in law or a career in the government sector. Job opportunities within this field are estimated to grow by approximately 19% within the next decade. The field has huge career potential and offers job options in politics, federal or state service, campaign management, law, private or non-profit organizations, research and policy analysis and international affairs.

At OUU we are providing working adults and young professionals based in UAE with a credible collection of quality political science and public administration schools to help them achieve their career objectives. Our exclusive schools offer the following majors:

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