Nursing School – Give a Helping Hand (مدرسة التمريض – تقديم يد المساعدة)

Recent economic, technological and social changes have drastically altered the landscape of our world and have also inspired new trends for our world to follow. The numerous advantages such advancements have provided and continue to provide us with in terms of technological and economic gain notwithstanding, these developments have also brought about new and increasingly unfamiliar challenges, most of which are in the form of rare and new diseases borne as a result of our stressful and unhealthy lifestyles. Many educational and training institutes have responded to these developments by creating programs with the help of extensive research conducted in the field of medicine, particularly nursing, as a way of determine new and innovative methods towards effective medical care for all.

OUU’s Nursing Programs

The UAE is a booming economy with a huge demand for professional, hard-working nurses. The rapid growth may have stagnated a little, but the expansion has left room for health care professionals to move in and really make a difference. The average salary expected for a nurse in the UAE is estimated to be between 2,500-10,000 UAD which equates to approximately $800-2500, £450-1600 or €525-2000. All these factors are indicative of the high demand for nurses in the region.

OUU’s Nursing programs have been designed to equip aspiring nurses with the skills and knowledge needed to make a dent in the nursing industry of UAE. Our programs will give students majoring in the field of nursing the competitive edge they need to make inroads in the nursing field whilst also making positive contributions in the form of new and innovative nursing practices. Complete with strong curricula and expert teaching faculty, OUU’s Nursing programs provide students with everything they could possible need, and more.

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