Natural Sciences School (مدرسة العلوم الطبيعية)

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OUU has selected some of the finest online universities and educational institutions offering a diverse range of degrees in natural sciences to students based in UAE. Our selection criteria includes but is not limited to, affordability, curriculum quality, efficient online learning management system, faculty expertise and employability rate. So whether you apply for an associate’s degree or a bachelor’s degree in any international School of Natural Science from our portal, you can be sure of receiving high quality affordable education on your own terms.

Natural science is fast becoming one of the most sought after majors, expected to offer vast amount of opportunities within the near future. Job opportunities within this field are estimated to expand by approximately 8% within the next few years and offer a highly in-demand career scope. Currently, the average pay scale of a natural science manager is from $32,438 to $109,975. Students with a major in natural science can opt for a variety of positions including atmospheric scientist, biological scientist, food and agricultural scientist, environmental specialists, conservationist and foresters.

At OUU we provide students and working adults based in UAE with a collection of top quality natural science schools to help them achieve their career objectives.

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