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Thanks to recent environmental changes and advancements in technology, an increasing number of people all over the world are now turning towards bio-engineered foods as a way of advocating the need for a nutritious diet to maintain good health. Nutritionists and dieticians across the globe as a result of people’s stressful lifestyles and their exposure to harmful elements present in the environment i.e. pollution giving rise to life-threatening diseases, are prescribing food items high in nutrition content to people who are conscious about their health. In addition, a majority of individuals are spending more time researching new studies and theories related to health care and nutrition in order to equip themselves with more information on how to better take care of their health.

OUU’s School of Health Sciences

At the annual form of the Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (Gain), convened for the first time in Dubai, experts said there is a “double burden” of malnutrition in the Middle East: obesity concurrent with under-nutrition. A government report revealed that 35% of children in the UAE aged between six and 22 months are anaemic, while 41% of Emirati women in the country have folic acid deficiency and 35% of Emirati women are classified as obese. One solution, according to Gain, could be to produce healthier foods, through fortification of staple items, such as flour and oil, with vitamins and micronutrients including iron, folic acid and zinc. The private sector is also a huge part of the solution, according to Gain’s Chairman, Jay Naidoo, who added there were already some companies in the local food industry that are “committed” to the cause. Saleh Lootah, the managing director of Al Islami Foods and a speaker at the forum, said the local food industry, along with the Government, needs to start addressing the problem of obesity and unhealthy eating habits. “It really is a big issue we all have to work together on, not only the families, not just the Government, but everyone,” he said. “It’s important to think about how we can take care of what a child is eating from day one.”

OUU’s School of Health Sciences offers programs which help inculcate the necessary skills and capabilities to help students become bona fide nutritionists ready to meet the challenges of the health and nutrition industry head on. The curricula provided includes relevant course material that incorporates all the latest trends related to the health & nutrition industry in the UAE region thus providing students with an in-depth and well-informed perspective.

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