Education School – Giving You the Chance to Impact Your World (مدرسة التعليم – مما يتيح لك فرصة أن تؤثر عالمك)

The past few decades have seen immense changes in the landscape for education. Thanks to the ever-growing needs of the populace (and developments taking place in various industries), new theories have appeared and are fast becoming an integral part of our education system. Additionally, the perspective has shifted from the benefits of the familiar concept of traditional education to the advantages of the immeasurably alien and innovative concept of online or ‘virtual’ education. The emergence of this new phenomenon has, as a result, given rise to the need for a technologically advanced platform to support its functionality as well as for able instructors and faculty skilled in the art of delivering quality education via the medium of the Internet.

OUU’s School of Education

The teaching profession is a very well-respected career option and is posed for further growth in the future. Many teachers are moving to the UAE to take advantage of the field’s strong prospects which include competitive salaries for talented and competent individuals. According to Emirates 24/7, the very basic salary in an international school in the country starts at Dh. 8,000 per month and goes up to Dh. 35,000.

OUU’s School of Education degrees, diploma and certificate programs inculcate the necessary skills, knowledge and capabilities that help aspiring teachers become an effective medium for high quality and impactful education, thus serving as positive role models for future generations. Our curricula incorporate all the latest trends and developments in the field of education thus providing students with an informed perspective on the various innovative teaching methods in vogue today.

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