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We currently live in a globalized world where everyone is connected to each other via highly advanced technological tools that facilitate ease of communication. Now, high-profile trade exchanges and transfer of extremely sensitive data take place wirelessly over the Internet while technologically superior fail safes or ‘servers’ are used to store important information related to companies and governments. One needs to only glance at nearby surroundings to determine the level of dependency we have developed on computers and technology. Without it, our world would plunge headfirst into the Stone Age.

OUU’s Computer Science Programs

According to a survey conducted by, the average monthly pay for computer engineers in the UAE ranges between AED 48,160 to AED 382,453. This is a clear indication of the level of dependency the UAE now has on technology which it needs to support its ever sprawling infrastructure and systems. Such circumstances have naturally given rise to a demand for able and qualified computer science professionals capable of turning around the UAE economy by giving it the competitive edge it needs to stand out in the world market.

With OUU’s Computer Science programs, students can get the chance to develop valuable skills and acquire the latest knowledge on computer science trends in the UAE, thereby gaining an edge over their contemporaries. With extensive data on computer science theories including industry-responsive curricula related to real-world developments in the field of computer science, OUU’s Computer Science programs provided students with a well-rounded perspective on the various ways to deal with different challenges in the computer science industry of UAE.

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