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The last biggest change in the area of art education came almost a century back when first proper design school was established in Germany. Bauhaus was the first art school (مدرسة الفن) to combine crafting with fine arts which gave rise to a new breed of art students who were a fine blend of creativity and skill.

The same teaching methodology is still followed by most prestigious online art schools of the recent times. The only difference is that, today, the trends in the art-making are largely influenced by the developments in the field of Information Technology. And the several forms of art put together, they form a multibillion dollar industry. The increasing professionalization and the growing power of the art industry has transformed it into an highly lucrative and in-demand field of work.

Online UAE Universities (OUU) brings you accredited online art school (مدرسة الفن) degree programs in various fields of art and design. These art courses are tailored to suit the professional and academic needs of a diverse body of students seeking to enroll in these art programs.

Recent Improvements in Art Schools in Dubai

Several new and unique sub-fields have developed in the area of art over the last decade and most of them are technology oriented. These courses are taught by a number of top ranked online universities using visual training material. Most of the trainings or course material that is provided to the students is in the form of video and presentation files. Online classrooms are created to further facilitate the students and enrich their learning experience. The instructors are available to help and guide students all-round the clock. The students signing up for online art programs through Online UAE Universities educational and career portal can get in touch with the faculty via different communication channels. These communication mediums include email, online chat, phone, and video conferencing.

The professional instructors have created progressive online classrooms that offer flexible study options and effective learning strategies. This online platform allows the students to earn a degree from their dream art school from any place at any time. Furthermore, if the student wishes to discuss any career related issue, we provide them with a dedicated career counselor who sets up meetings with them and guides them through their career progression. From helping them to pick the right courses for their degree or diploma, our team also takes the responsibility of their job placement and make sure they land a decent job after completing their educational program.

Enroll at OUU the Top School of Art

At OUU, we open up a world of opportunities to the students signing up for art school (مدرسة الفن) via our career portal. Our team goes beyond career counseling and connects the students with the best available job opportunities. So if you are not satisfied with how your career is progress, or not progressing, get in touch with us and we will help you out and do our best to fix your academic and career related problems. And the best part about seeking help via our career portal is that it is free of cost – you don’t have to spend a dime to put your career on the fast track!

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