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Online UAE Universities (OUU) is an online portal that provides students and working adults in Dubai with a variety of learning opportunities from top online schools. Our one-of-a-kind platform provides a wide range of affordable and highly flexible programs at both graduate and undergraduate level so individuals residing in Dubai can enhance their academic and professional profiles.

Gain an International Reach with Business Schools in Dubai

Through OUU, you will be able to find a range of rigorous and competitive MBA programs that will improve your academic profile and increase your professional relevance so you develop a wide range of essential skills necessary to face the challenges of the 21st century marketplace. We select only the top and in-demand online business schools that serve Dubai and choose them on a strict criteria that includes, but is not limited to, affordability, curriculum quality, faculty expertise, online learning management system, accreditation, financial aid options and career counseling services.

The past few years have seen exceptional growth in the field of business where it has moved well beyond the fields of marketing and finance. Growing career opportunities for students specializing in business have opened new prospects management, retail, logistics and entrepreneurship. At OUU, we are helping thousands of students broaden their horizons by offering them a diverse range of courses that will help them deepen their knowledge regarding the various facets of business.

Why Choose OUU?

At OUU we give you the boost you need to achieve all your career objectives by offering:

  • Accredited Programs from Top Online Universities
  • 100% Employability with Career Counseling Services
  • Access to an Esteemed International Faculty
  • World’s #1 Education Management System
  • Affordable Programs and Flexible Learning Options

Exclusive Scholarship Offer from OUU

We are now offering an exclusive Scholarship offer of up to 75%. Signup at OUU now and become eligible to earn a scholarship at a top online business school of your choice in a program of your interest.

Top Listed Universities:

Our list of top online universities offering a range of academic programs is continuously updated and has been made on the basis of relevant criteria related to quality of program and student learning.

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