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Online UAE Universities (OUU) is an exclusive portal designed to help busy adults and meritorious students improve their academic and professional profiles, ensuring 100% employability. We are currently one of the top education destinations offering the best choice of universities in the UAE region. Thousands of students across Dubai, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi have benefitted from our innovative infrastructure and reached professional excellence in record time – No other online education portals maintains a long and proud tradition of continuously striving to provide top options to students from top universities in UAE .


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Online UAE Universities – One Stop Education Destination From traditional liberal arts to political science, healthcare, engineering and criminal justice – online programs offered through our portal ensure your success, no matter which industry or path you choose. Our list of universities contains only the most credible and best online schools offering dynamic learning for the Middle Eastern region. We select online universities with a focus on quality education, affordability, faculty, online learning management system, accreditation, financial aid options and career counseling services. We guarantee that the online courses offered by our selected universities will provide the same high-quality education as the one provided by on-campus courses. Programs offered through our portal allow busy adults to complete their education while working full time from anywhere in UAE, opening diverse career opportunities for them in their respective field of interest.

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Our list of top online universities offering a range of academic programs is continuously updated and has been made on the basis of relevant criteria related to quality of program and student learning.

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